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What does success look like to you?

Here are just some of the benefits Ty Belknap, Life Coach Seattle can provide.

Personal Development

  • Connect to your passion and purpose.
  • Break through that which is stopping you from living your potential
  • Restoring balance in your physical and your emotional health
  • Create clarity and focus to achieve real change in your life
  • Discover your true life purpose and values
  • Improve your outlook and self-esteem
  • Setting realistic goals to achieve your vision

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What doesn't work ...

You cannot have the world on a platter without work. Whether you live in Seattle or anywhere else, if you do not have a distinct goal you are trying to reach (relationships, career, passions, etc.), a coach can not help you. If you are un willing to make changes or commit to action steps, coaching also will not help. Coaching isn't magic. It is a process that fine-tunes your efforts. If you wake up tomorrow and do the same thing as you did yesterday, now you are one day older and no closer to your dreams. Just as a personal trainer can not develop a six-pack on a person who will not exercise, a coach cannot help you shape your life unless you choose to shape it.

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Seattle Business/Executive Coach

You can achieve the results and success you want for your managers and leaders.

Do you want your managers and leaders to communicate and perform better?

Our range of innovative executive coaching, business coaching, team coaching and leadership training services are available to clients in Seattle, across the Puget Sound, and internationally.

OurĀ executive coachingĀ and leadership development enables people to increase their self confidence, reach their full potential and achieve greater success.

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Career Coaching Seattle

You want to better your career, but how about bettering yourself in the process?

It is time to realize your potential and accelerate your success, and a Seattle Career Coach can help you do just that! Read More >>>

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About Your Seattle Coach

Ty Belknap, B.A., M.A., is a 2016 Doctoral candidate in coaching, and has almost 200 college credit hours certified by the International Coach Federation in life, business, supervisory, and career coaching. He is a member of the ICF, and his mentor is an ICF certified Master Life Coach.. Find out more about the International Coach Federation.
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"The coaching was incredible. I found it to be very insightful. My business moved ahead at least 6-12 months."
-M. Watkins

"I found it helpful and was able to feel like I am going in the right direction."
J. Joneschiet

"I have a more positive feeling about what I am doing and going to do in the future."
T. Lewis

My goal is to help you create your amazing tomorrow!

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